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Brad Watches TV Barefoot: POV, Burping, Verbal

16 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Taunting, Burping, Bizarre, Humiliation


Brad kicks back with his meaty size 12s right in your face, as he watches TV about Giants chasing tinies, eating them, burping and stomping down on them. As the jock comments on what he's seeing, he also burps a lot. "BURRRPPP OH fuck oops little dude- down the tummy you go!" 


This is an experimental series where once again, jocks just act like themselves. Brad's entire alpha male, straight stud essence drips in this video. He burps on command, when he hiccups his muscular stomach vibrates, and he sometimes chats it up with the camera man. If you're into Brad's big smelly feet in your face (for about 7 minutes of the video) and close ups of him burping and verbally acting like a real man, this is def for you. Especially if you love Brad!


Brad Watches TV Barefoot: POV, Burping, Verbal

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