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Brad Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A!

18 minutes


THEMES: Jock, Shrinking, Giants, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups, Burping, Verbal Taunting, Belly Play, Hand Play




Silas is visiting his older brother’s college. Arriving a bit early, he meets the frat boy Brad. Brad and his brother are best friends and Brad helps Silas settle in. 


“You wanna know a secret. I can shrink things...” Brad says as he lays back into the couch. Hat on backgrounds and large muscles in full view. 


He reaches over and pulls out a tiny car. Silas is in disbelief as he notices it is his brother's ride.


“What would he do if he knew I shrunk his car?” Brad laughs a bit as he starts to play with the toy-sized vehicle. Wanting to show off, Brad opens his mouth revealing the wet cave to all. He places the shrunken car within and starts to suck on it. Wet strands of saliva stick to the metal vehicle as he tosses and toys with it using his tongue. Finally in one gulp it is sent down to his acid abyss. 


“Look at that, your brother’s car is gone now!” He laughs as he rubs his bulging stomach. A wet burp escapes his mouth as he massages his belly. 


“Uuh I feel it inside of me...Hey why don’t I shrink you next?” he says, staring at Silas. The man quakes a bit as the world starts to spin. Smaller and smaller he gets until he is staring up at the towering brad.


“Damn you are fucking tiny, holy cow” Brad says as he plays with the shrunken man. Smashing him with his hands before he pops Silas into his mouth. He sucks and tosses the tiny man around before pulling him out.


“Imagine what would happened if I just fucking burped on ya huh?” Brad teases as he brings the man to his mouth.




Brad blasts the shrunken man with his gas. Yet the tank isn’t empty. The frat jock keeps belching on him over and over. The tiny man enduring the horrid gasses. Tossed back into the mouth, Brad continues to play with the shrunken man. 


“I’m going to crush you with my tongue” Brad says as he presses the mant against the roof of his mouth. Letting go the shrunken person slowly falls back down. A thick strand of gooey saliva acting as a pseudo-bungee cord. Closing his mouth on the man 


Brurrrup “Scuse me” Brad says as he unleashes more gas on the tiny. The runt trapped in the closed mouth as the stomach gasses replace all his air. Opening up, Brad let’s the man get a brief moment of fresh air before continuing his play. 


“Fuck you are so small and pathetic!” He says as he pulls Silas out of his mouth. Using his large, wet tongue he starts to lick the shrunken man. His meaty appendage exploring every nook and cranny of the mant.


“You taste soo good silas” Brad says. 




Brad belches one last time on the tiny Silas before placing him on his tongue and…




His adam's apple bobs up and down as Brad eats the shrunken man. Using his finger he traces the path of Silas down to his stomach.


“Oh man Silas, I can feel you struggling inside of me” Brad says smiling. 


“Ohhh you feel so good inside of me man” He continues as he rubs his stomach. Clearly his body is satisfied with the protein-packed meal. 


“How’s it feel to get swallowed by someone way bigger than you. Oh and when your brother asks where you are I’m going to say I have no fucking clue” He laughs as he feels the pounding within. 



Bonus Footage!


Brad is interviewed on how he would act if he came across a real shrunken man. The answers may surprise you! He is truly the frat jock God.


Adapted by MaxTiny@ Discord.

Brad Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A!

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