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Austyn: Unaware Jock

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Unaware, White Socks, Dirty Running Shoes, Cereal Vore, Burping, Muscle (Verbal is limited)


SUMMARY: Austyn is a dumb jock who returns home from his workout, unaware there are little tiny people all over his house! He sits down on the couch, kicks off his shoes and watches sports on TV. The POV shows a tiny scrambling to get away from his feet- but the Giant soon tosses him in, not noticing - and puts the shoe back on. 


Austyn then gets bored and goes to make himself some cereal. As he munches on the food, tiny people are helpless and caught in the bowl. "BURRRPPPP!!! Fuck my cereal tastes good today! Something different about it!" He continues to eat and belch, with his shirt off. 


He returns to the couch, and then discovers a tiny. It's his friend Dominic. "Dominic, bro what happened? How'd you get so small?" Before the tiny can say anything, Austyn giggles and burps on the poor little dude. No longer a friend- just a powerless bug. 


"Sorry BRURRAPP!!! I won't BRRRROPPPP on you again dude BURRRRRPPP!!" 


Austyn then ends the scene by putting his shoes back on and going for a run. On his way out he steps on two more tinies. "Where the FUCK are all these tiny bugs coming from??" 


Austyn: Unaware Jock

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