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Austyn Dominates Gummy Village

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, VERBAL, Barefoot Crushing, Dirty White Sock Play, Mouth Play, Vore, Spitting, Armpits, Muscle Flex, Stomach Play, Burping, Hiccups 


CUSTOM~  Returning home from the gym, the blonde jock opens his gym bag to discover a TON of gummy bears. A whole village of them. 


"What the fuck?" The clueless jock says. He makes the gummies worship his whole body, including playing hand games - tossing the losers back and forth. He then breathes on them in his hand, sticks out his BIG pink tongue, and then has fun tossing a yellow gummy into his huge mouth. 


"MMMMMM", the jock says, savoring them. GULP! "You're so squishy, and I'm so strong and big!" Then he tosses another gummy down his throat. "I'm so impressed with myself lol! I'm so lean. So strong. You losers don't do that haha. Look at my powerful ass legs. Cus I'm a real jock. Not a bitch."


He keeps eating more of them sloppily. Like chewing gum. "Down you go! Let's try four now!" He tosses more in. "This tongue is dominating you right now. MMMMM. So chewy. Like this pink ass tongue MMMMMMMM!!!" GULP! Back down the throat.


Then As he continues to eat them, he puts another red gummy bear on his big white sock. "YOU LIKE these dirty ass stinky socks, don't you? I might let you free... Might not. Here-  have a friend." He sticks another loser into the socks. "Mash you in my stinky socks."


Then Austyn takes off his socks, revealing sweaty barefeet. He places the tiny gummies between his toes, as he continues to eat others. POV from under his feet and also closeups of his mouth. So various angles!


He catches hiccups and burping as he eats more, still taunting us with his mouth. "Look at all that spit." He drools on them. It's so intense. He stretches out on his big king bed and puts more gummies on his feet, and also on his muscular chest. 


"Smell my stinky armpits - how do you like it?" He grabs another gummy and rubs it between his hairs. Then another one. He shows no mercy. Grabbing the same one he had in his pits, he burps on him. "You guys taste my burps? Taste your friends I just ate LOL!" He even throws one across the room. "You stay right there", he yells at one. But the gummy pisses him off. "LISTEN TO ME OKAY? IM THE MASTER HERE. THIS IS MY WORLD."

Insanely hot vore, muscle and foot clip!

Austyn Dominates Gummy Village

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