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Ari Swallows Tiny Loser & Watches TV

18 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Humiliation, Vertical POV, Mouth Play, Hiccups (a LOT), Barefoot Play


BRAND NEW Ari video featuring never released footage of the hot Indian jock making fun of Giants in movies. The massive King is barefoot and laughing at his pathetic shrunken neighbor between his toes. 


Ari gets LOADS of hiccups in this, and the clip is filmed pretty much in a wide shot- with Ari constantly taking the tiny in and out of his mouth. "You know what's happening in the cartoon is gonna happen to YOU right haha!" Ari mocks him. "You're just gonna go inside my mouth, and down to my BIG stomach! Oops there you go!"


Ari is verbal, sexy, and so cocky. Features two different segments that were filmed two different days. 

Ari Swallows Tiny Loser & Watches TV

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