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Alex Eats & Teases Helpless Gummy Bears

Alex the cocky jock comes out of his kitchen to discover a pile of defenseless, helpless gummy bears sitting at his breakfast table, on a white napkin. "Haha tiny losers! NO match for this Giant!" Alex laughs and begins swallowing the bears one by one, opening his mouth wide to reveal his wet pink tongue and deep gullet. "Down my throat you go!" He taunts, drinking gingerale- and letting out belches and hiccups, showing what a careless pig he is. He points to his stomach and pats it as they travel down his body, and acts sarcastic about the whole ordeal. "Oops!" He laughs again. Hot verbal interaction, mouthplay and gummies for Alex's tummy. At the end of the video, he reveals an empty napkin- as he's eaten every single one of them.


11 minutes

Alex Eats & Teases Helpless Gummy Bears

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