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Alex Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

It's breakfast time! Alex the cocky jock comes smirking into the dining room to have some cereal. He discovers his pathetic, half inch tall brother lying on his napkin. "Ha! You're about to get crushed- and eaten!" Laughs Alex. He pours himself some cereal, and then casually drops his little bro into the cheerios- as he pours cold milk all over him. As he begins eating the cereal, he taunts how he's a Giant that's hungry for a puny snack. His brother is then put on his spoon, lifted to the huge mouth, and tossed in to the back of Alex's throat. Alex swallows him down, but continues to eat more and more cereal. Suddenly, his Dad wants to know what happened to his tiny brother. "Not sure Dad, haven't seen him!" Then Alex laughs towards the camera and says "Hahaha he's in my stomach!!" The scene continues as Alex gets the hiccups, and describes how his brother is being tossed around helplessly in his belly- as more cereal is being thrown down on him. He then finishes, stretches, and walks away laughing. An intense vore romp not to be missed with verbal humiliation, vore, and your darkest fantasy come true.


8 minutes

Alex Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

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