Aaron's Gummy Revenge: Verbal, Foot, Vore

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Gummy Bears, Verbal, Jock, Verbal, Mouth Play, Vore, Barefoot Crushing


Aaron plays an angry football coach who has shrunk his entire team down to helpless gummy bears. He begins by scolding them for not winning the game, being late on their plays, and overall being pathetic losers. What's the best punishment? "Right in my mouth hahaha", the jock teases-  popping them in one at a time. "Rico, Jason, Josh- who's NEXT?" His sloppy tongue pushes them around and his teeth mash them to mush, as he opens wide so you can see their fate. They're nothing but candy to this Giant. 


After eating some players, Aaron stomps out the rest. "Get under these sweaty ass, nasty feet fuckers haha!" He not only smothers them. He intensely STOMPS on them, sometimes with both feet. Shirtless, wearing tight sports boxers. This clip gets right to the point!





Aaron is furious. The shirtless jock berates his team for losing the biggest game