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Aaron's Gummy Revenge: Verbal, Foot, Vore

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Gummy Bears, Verbal, Jock, Verbal, Mouth Play, Vore, Barefoot Crushing


Aaron plays an angry football coach who has shrunk his entire team down to helpless gummy bears. He begins by scolding them for not winning the game, being late on their plays, and overall being pathetic losers. What's the best punishment? "Right in my mouth hahaha", the jock teases-  popping them in one at a time. "Rico, Jason, Josh- who's NEXT?" His sloppy tongue pushes them around and his teeth mash them to mush, as he opens wide so you can see their fate. They're nothing but candy to this Giant. 


After eating some players, Aaron stomps out the rest. "Get under these sweaty ass, nasty feet fuckers haha!" He not only smothers them. He intensely STOMPS on them, sometimes with both feet. Shirtless, wearing tight sports boxers. This clip gets right to the point!





Aaron is furious. The shirtless jock berates his team for losing the biggest game of the year. Using his connections, he shrinks and transform his former team into tiny gummy bears


“Everybody who is here is a fuckup” he yells at his miniscule team. 


He slowly divides the terrified jocks into groups. Pausing, he singles out the worst of the bunch: Josh


“This game, we lost because of you. You clearly don't know what it is you are doing. You are distinctly more of a fuckup then all of them” He screams at the quivering man. 


“What am I supposed to do now?” Aaron keeps going. His face red from the anger of how his teammates played. Then a great idea comes into mind. 


“Well the first thing to do is get rid of our weak links” He says as he brings Josh to his mouth. His hot breath washing over the transformed man. 


“I wonder if you're scared josh...don’t worry it won’t last long” Aaron says as he sticks out his long, wet tongue. Popping the gummi teammate into his mouth, he bites down. The man is mauled between the boulder-like teeth. Each smacking of his lips annihilating the frail body of his former teammate. Aaron just laughs the whole time. Continuing to talk smack about the tiny within


“Tasted good Josh” he says before swallowing. 


Picking up the next set of tinies, he pops a handful into his mouth. The camera focuses on his white teeth. His former teammates are utterly destroyed as Aaron’s maw makes quick work of them. Strands of saliva web across that dark cavern as he chews and swallows the jocks. Happy with the results he decides to amp up the punishment. 


“You know, it's a shame I can’t hear those tiny screams” Aaron says as he tears one of his teammates in two. Really taking his time as he slowly pulls apart the tiny man between his fingers. Laughing, he pops both halves into his mouth and swallows.More and more he pulls apart, relishing in his strength. Soon, all the losers are dealt with. Their remains are digesting in the jock god’s stomach. 


“I think it is time to visit the rest of the team” Aaron says now drunk on power. 


Moving to the rest of his shrunk team. He drops them onto the floor. His perfectly built body in full view of the camera. The titan looming over his victims in tight briefs that leave little to the imagination. With his sinister smile he starts stepping on and crushing the remaining teammates. 


“Now you can be under my big, sweaty feet” Aaron says as his massive soles easily cover multiple teammates. His large toes poke and prod the gummi men. His heel easily grinding out the life of those caught beneath. 


“Don’t want to miss any of you” Aaron says as he moves all the tiny men into one spot. Satisfied with the pile he takes a step back and jumps. Both of those grimey soles land on the pile of tinies. Their bodies oozed outward from the pressure. His heavy weight fuses a few of them together. Aaron just can’t stop laughing, making fun of each and every one as he vents his frustrations. 


“What a bunch of fucking pussies” he says stomping down onto the congealed mass of bodies. 


“You know what, I think some of you need personal treatment.” Aaron says sitting down. One by one he picks up a few of the tiny men. Spreading his toes he forces them in between. His large digits easily hold multiple in place. He wiggles and crushes those caught, just laughing at their struggles. Satisfied with his punishment he bends down. 


“You know, maybe I’ll turn you guys back but we will need to talk about it.” Aaron says prodding the tinies with his finger. Standing back up he walks away, leaving them behind. His well defined ass jiggling with each step as he goes about his day. It is good to be team captain.

Aaron's Gummy Revenge: Verbal, Foot, Vore

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