Aaron Gets Tickled- Feet & Chest!

8 mins, 30 sec


Aaron lies shirtless in bed as he props his feet up on a pillow. His super soft, clean soles are on full display. Aaron hesitates to answer the interviewer’s questions about how ticklish he is. 


“I don’t like to say it because people tend to take advantage of it” he says. 


“LIKE THIS” the cameraman says as he quickly tickles the large feet. Aaron giggling uncontrollably. He stops allowing Aaron to breath and continues. 


“I have always been ticklish and almost everywhere” he says as he slowly leans forward to feel his feet. 


“Man I love how clean my feet are, so soft and smooth” he says as he splays out his toes. Talking about how he loves the cool breeze through his toes. Aaron continues to say how he likes to walk around barefoot.


“It feels good to have stuff smush into my feet, getting up in my toes, and the feeling of them squishing underneath” he says as he wiggles and rubs his soles. Getting back to the interview Aaron describes his tickle kink. 


“It can make someone feel the way you want them too” He says as he discusses how he loves to tickle others. 


“Can I tickle your feet?” the interviewer asks. Aaron gives the go ahead. 


Instantly the interviewer starts to tickle those soft, pillowy soles. Aaron starts to giggle and squirm. Moving his feet and trying to escape the fingers. His wide grin and body tenses as he can’t stop laughing. He grips the pillow to try and stop the sensation. His body is blushing as the tickles are too intense to handle. Even when the tickling stops, it takes a few moments for him to stop giggling. 


“I need to come down from the tickle high” he says as the interview continues. 


The interviewer starts to toy with Aaron. Saying things that get him angry and mad before going back to the tickles. Aaron tries his best to avoid laughing but can’t. His sensitive soles betray him and he squirms in the touch. He