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SoleBoi Double Feature: Smell My Stinky Feet/Q&A with Model

Custom Video! Two videos in one. The first is a custom experience. SoleBoi lays on his leather sofa with his shoes kicked up towards you. "Hey what's up. If you hire me, I can step on you every day! I got big ass feet haha." He grabs his shoes and brags about them. "Love having these big shoes. I guess I better show you my socks now. The best thing I like about these shoes, is they get my feet so fucking smelly!" He gives you a whiff of his gym shoe before putting his smelly socks in your face. He demands you worship them from the heel to the toe. The next scene has SoleBoi in in the hallway, taunting you to enjoy smelling his feet. The verbal gets more intense. Even as it appears to be night time, you're only job is to serve this King's soles.


The second video is a Q & A with SoleBoi about his feet. All the answers are natural improv. SoleBoi is asked about why he likes having smelly feet, and talking about being a gamer and destroying guys. If he can beat them in a game, he can beat them as a Giant. "I mostly wear skater shoes, but mostly I walk around barefoot. Don't like being in socks. I like feeling the carpet on my feet haha." When asked how his feet smell, it's no hesitation. "Kinda like corn chips."



10 minutes

SoleBoi Double Feature: Smell My Stinky Feet/Q&A with Model

  • Download link from PDF for MP4 dropbox download.

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