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2 College Jocks Torture Shrunken Stepbro

21 minutes


THEMES: Shrinking, M/M, Giants, Spitting, Burping, Sock Worship, Barefoot Worship, Butt Crush, Armpit, Muscles, Verbal Humiliation


FILE DESCRIPTION: "Yo dude, you know my brother Jake? He like invented some chemical and it shrunk him man! And he's right here- in this box!" The jock off screen, Evan, laughs nonchalantly to Fred Scarf, who wears a cap and sleeveless red shirt. Neither one of the college dudes has any good intentions to help Jake return to normal size. 


Evan opens the box to reveal Jake, now an inch tall. "Bro he's so fucking small man! Look at him haha." Fred chuckles. They can't believe how cool this is. 


"Dude you're like a Giant compared to him, holding him in your hand", Evan laughs.


"I can tell he likes this too haha", Fred mocks. Then abruptly the cruel jock pulls Jake towards his mouth and lands a massive "BURRPPP" on him, laughing along with Evan. "How'd that smell Jake? FE FI FO FUMMM", Fred does mockingly and mannish. 


The two stoners aren't done. They take turns hand torturing Jake, with Fred tossing him up and down, and then Evan taking him back just so he can swat him like a fly. "I always wanna hit him in the face cause he's so annoying and lame. And now, I can SMACK! AHAHAHAHA!" 


"Did that hurt Jake??" Fred asks sarcastically. Both jocks realize Jake is unphased by the abuse- as if his body is made of a special rubbery substance. This makes the guys want to do more. They take turns smacking their big, massive hands down on poor Jake. "Oops! Oh man, I'm so SMACK!!! Sorry Jakey." They try to make the loser stick to their hands. Eventually Fred gets it to work. 


Evan then jokingly pours his juice drink all over Jake. "Uh oh, hear comes the river!" Fred laughs and then leans forward to let out a huge loogie of saliva on the poor tiny. Evan also spits on him. The games are too much fun. So addicting. The jocks are getting into the power of being in control of such a worthless runt. 


When Evan leaves out for a moment, little Jake is left to Fred's care. Or carelessness. He drops Jake on the floor and starts stomping on him with his dirty, white socks. "Fuck you Jake ahaha! You like smelling my stinky ass socks???" Fred is dressed in his college football gear, and Jake sticks to his dirty bottoms. He has fun kicking him around too. "You're like a fuckin gumdrop man! This is too funny!" Then Fred takes the socks off, and smothers the loser under his stinky feet- stomping more. He lifts one of his socks over the tiny and drops him in the sock- then rubs it between his ass and crotch area- still clothed in his football gear. "Yeah get in my fucking ass Jake haha! After smelling my nasty ass feet." Then he slams his socked foot back down with Jake trapped inside. "Look at that, I can feel your ass in there haha. Smell it you little fucking bitch! Smell it!"


Fred then stretches his bare feet out with Jake trapped between his big toe and other toe. "This turns you on? My smelly ass toes. God you're so fucking pathetic dude! Your existence is meaningless." He continues to taunt him, wiggling his smelly feet, and verbally bashing the loser stepbrother. "There's the athlete's foot, and mold, and I've been at the gym all week, and this turns you on dude? Wow! You're actually into my stinky ass feet haha. Pathetic." 


Next up is butt crush torture for the loser. Fred grabs a stool and casually tosses Jake on it before sitting on him with his tight white sweaty football tights. "Aw dude, smell it! I haven't even washed my ass today." He bounces up and down on him, with various angles. 


Evan than returns and as Fred changes and takes his shirt off- revealing a rock hard body with abs, Jake's own stepbrother shows no compassion "Ready to get punished more, you little bitch?" Fred now wears nothing but tight red sport shorts. He continues to bounce his butt up and down on him, as Evan films it. Fred proceeds to then put Jake in his navel. "Like my fucking belly button huh? It smells so fucking disgusting. But you like it. I know you do. Perv. I'm using you like a fucking q tip." Fred then asks Evan if he should keep sitting on him.


"One more minute, I'm getting a mirror reflection. Than we can take him into the bathroom." Evan acts completely dry about the whole situation. His stepbro is no longer his family member. He's a worthless toy. To be used accordingly. "Let's now take him in for armpit torture. And put him under the sink."


"Ready?" Fred asks. Evan is all set. Poor Jake is put under scorching hot water from the sink as the two jocks keep laughing at him. Then Fred rams Jake under his smelly, hairy armpit. He coughs at his own stink. "How do you tolerate that dude?" He keeps grinding him into the pit, as Evan commands him to do more. 


One of the most intensified and brutally exciting videos in JFP history! 



***NOTE***: The more explicit version of this video with added minutes of bathroom torture is available on our clips4sale store. 


2 College Jocks Torture Shrunken Stepbro

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